A micromechanical approach to deformation and damage of nickel foam used in conductive layer of lithium-ion battery


Authors: M. Hellesvik et al.

Journal: Scientific Reports (2020)

Institution: University of Bergen

Research Areas: Method Development

Cell Lines: NCL-H524, U2OS (NCL-H524 – human lung carcinoma cells; U2OS – human bone osteosarcoma epithelial cells)

Summary: Standard 2D cell cultures do not mimic physiological conditions, resulting in research results that are not always applicable in vivo. This paper focuses on developing cell-friendly methods where cells grow in Matrigel to create a physiologically relevant environment. Using the HoloMonitor M4, Hellesvik with colleagues have shown how to quantify cell morphology, proliferation, migration, and motility in different concentrations of Matrigel. In addition, the authors have demonstrated how to quantify the initial formation of spheroids in Matrigel and the paper introduces a novel method for measuring cell invasion.

Keywords: HoloMonitor M4, Cell movements, Cell morphology, Wound Healing, Cell Invasion


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