Nitrogen Tank

The different-capacity tanks maintain temperatures to keep cells viable and able to establish a population. Liquid nitrogen or vapor phase styles eliminate any cross-contamination possibilities. High-quality control panels allow cooling rates to be modified to meet specific organism requirements.

Cell Culture Serum & Media

Culture Media & Sera. The culture medium is the most important component of the culture environment, because it provides the necessary nutrients, growth factors, and hormones for cell growth, as well as regulating the pH and the osmotic pressure of the culture.

Quantitative & Label-free Live Cell Analysis

HoloMonitor is designed to generate both visual elements and quantitative data. Visual elements, such as sequences of images and videos, illustrate cellular events taking place during the experiment, while quantitative data put numbers on what can be seen with the human eye. From visual information in the holographic images, the data are translated by sophisticated software algorithms into morphological parameters – optical cell volume, thickness, texture and many more – to provide kinetic cell analyses.