X-ray fluorescence energy dispersive general purpose spectrometer BRA-135F

Technical data
Range of determined elements from 9F to 92U
Range of determination without preconcentration, %
– for elements from Na to Mg
– for elements from Al to Cl
– for elements from K to U
Range of determination with sample preconcentration depending on chemical element, % 1.5*10-5
Limit of the middle group elements detection in liquids, % n*10-5
Average time for 1 (one) sample analysis, sec 100
Energy resolution of MnKα line at the pulses counting rate up to 104 sec-1, max, eV 145
Maximum voltage of the X-ray tube, kV 50
Power of the X-ray tube, W 10
Cooling of the X-ray tube air
Primary X-ray radiation filters Cd, Sr, Ni, Nb, Ti
Number of samples loaded into sample supply disk, max 15
Maximum size of substandard specimen, mm 200х60
Connection to Ethernet Yes
Remote control Yes
Overall dimensions of the instrument (L х W х H), mm 700х410х400
Weight of the instrument, kg 65
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption, VA 500