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NeuroGuide by Applied Neuroscience, Inc.

The Most Affordable and Comprehensive Conventional EEG & QEEG System Available: Dynamic EEG Databases, LORETA, Discriminants, Power, Coherence, Phase, JTFA, Burst Metrics, Statistics, Instantaneous Coherence & Phase Reset, Phase Locking & Phase Shift Duration, Batch Processing, Bi-Spectra & Neurofeedback with 3-D Imaging

NeuroGuide qeeg software

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What Our Clients Say about NeuroGuide EEG/qEEG…

I use NeuroGuide extensively and have greatly appreciated its versatility, and ability through remontaging to obtain very detailed analysis of EEG patterns. It has helped greatly in developing neurofeedback protocols. Keep up its excellent development.

Joel F. Lubar Ph.D. BCIA-Senior Fellow, Professor, University of Tennessee

NeuroGuide is the tool we use for QEEG analysis.  It has tremendous depth with all the available modules, making its use applicable for clinical as well as research purposes.  Our questions are always answered that same day and the product just keeps getting better and better.

Daniel A. Hoffman, M.D. Neuropsychiatrist and Medical Director, Neuro-Therapy Clinic, P.C.

NeuroGuide is indeed a wonderful program with exceptional utility in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of neuropsychological conditions.  It is remarkably detailed and helpful in zeroing in on subtle pathologies that might well be missed without it.

Alfred Collins, Ph.D. – Anchorage, AK

NeuroGuide is the progessive technical standard in quantitative electroencephalography, and the support is first rate.  The rapid enhancements of successive versions leaves me little motivation to tinker with its functionality and let me focus instead on what it tells me about patients.

Cary Hamlin M.D. – Long Valley, NJ

Advanced Features that make NeuroGuide the Best for Professional Mental Health Care Provider and Clinicians:

  • NeuroGuide EEG Imports from 45 different EEG amplifiers format
  • EEG Auto Artifact Rejection without Phase Distortion
  • Conventional EEG with Amplitude Time and Event Markers
  • Conventional EEG with Time Domain LORETA
  • Test Re-test Reliability > 0.95 
  • EEG JTFA & FFT Analyses
  • EEG Auto & Cross-Spectral Analyses
  • Multiple Re-Montages with Normative Data Base Comparisons
  • Discriminate and Multiple Regression Functions
  • Bi-Spectral Analyses
  • Gabor Adapative Spectrogram
  • EEG 3-Dimensional Neuroimaging in Time and Frequency
  • Symptom Checklist and Neural Network Protocol Generation
  • EEG Surface and LORETA Z Score Neurofeedback
  • NeuroStat with Color Topographic Maps of ANOVA & t-tests
  • BrainSurf 3-D Real-time Z scores of Phase Shift and Lock Duration and Graph Metrics

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