Magstim Super Rapid2 Plus

The Super Rapid2 Plus1 is our highest power stimulator and can achieve higher power to frequency ratios than any of our other Rapid2 stimulators. It is ideal for therapeutic applications as well as a wide variety of research fields.

The Magstim Super Rapid2 Plus1 stimulator can stimulate at frequencies ranging from 1Hz to 100Hz, and can achieve 41Hz stimulation at 100% power level.* The Magstim Super Rapid2 Plus1 is equipped with a touch screen interface which controls every aspect of the stimulator’s control and operation. It is a more powerful system than both the standard Rapid2 and the Super Rapid2 stimulators and can therefore achieve higher frequency stimulation at higher power, making it extremely versatile in performing most protocols currently being used in the field of neuroscience research and also therapy.

* 230v unit only

Stimulation characteristics

Magstim Super Rapid 2 Plus 1