Magstim BiStim

The ability to change pulse intervals in 0.1msec steps down to 1msec and to independently control the power level of each Magstim 200² gives the user precise sub- and supra-threshold conditioning and test pulses. This is valuable for the following applications:

  • Intracortical inhibition
  • Intracortical facilitation
  • Respiratory medicine
  • Brain connectivity

Like the 200², the BiStim² has an intuitive interface and provides connectivity that allows the user to control it from within bespoke software systems. Not only is the BiStim² able to provide two independent, coordinated pulses, it can also deliver the sum of each pulse provided by both 200² stimulators to produce a single high power pulse equal to 113% of a single Magstim 200². The user can also connect two individual coils for interhemispheric stimulation.

Stimulation characteristics

Magstim BiStim2

Magstim BiStim2

  • Neuroscience

    Whilst much research is conducted with magnetic stimulation to discover how the brain and neural systems work, neuroscience can bring greater insight into what magnetic stimulation itself does. This helps inform practitioners of the safety and efficacy of transcranial magnetic stimulation, and is useful in the development of treatments. Read more

  • Clinical Neurophysiology

    The tool of choice for measurement, magnetic stimulation gives researchers fundamental insights into the integrity and operation of the nervous system. It can be used to measure a child’s development, as a predictor of stroke recovery or to identify neural barriers that impair a subjects ability to control muscle movement. Read more