Lamp Vertically mounted, CW, 150 W Ozone-free xenon arc lamp
Gratings 1200 groove/mm blazed at 330 nm (excitation) and 500 nm (emission), plane ruled
Automatic self-calibration of all wavelength drives and slits
Monochromators All reflective optics, Czerny-Turner spectrometers
Detectors Emission: R928P photon counting PMT (185-850 nm) and reference photodiode for monitoring lamp output
Water Raman S/N 6,000:1 (FSD method) 16,000:1 (RMS method) See Signal-to-noise ratio
Slits Continuously variable from 0 to 30 nm
Accuracy 0.5 nm
Repeatability 0.1 nm
Minimum step 0.0525 nm
Integration time 0.001 to 160 sec
Software FluorEssence
Spectral Correction Factors Included