EMG MyoScan-Z™ Sensor

The new MyoScan-Z EMG sensor joins our line-up of physiological sensors. Designed for a sampling rate 2048 samples per second, this new EMG sensor offers a unique impedance check mode, which can be triggered from BioGraph Infiniti software version 5.0. It measures raw EMG signals with a range from 0 up to 2000 micro-Volts.

MyoScan-Z makes impedance check fast, easy and reliable, and avoid risk of cable misplacement.

Get the ultimate hook up every time with this sensor as it monitors skin impedance and sensor connection.

Thought Technology is the only manufacturer providing EMG sensors with built-in impedance check.

  • Good contact between the electrodes and the skin is required to have a good quality signal and prevent artifacts.
  • Measuring the impedance between the electrodes is the recommended way to verify good contact. It is simple, fast and accurate.
  • It shows instantaneously which electrode is not properly connected or which part of the skin is not well prepared.
  • interrupt the session
  • disconnect the cables
  • connect the meter to each site and measure them one by one
  • reconnect the cables (at the right place)
  • restart the session
  • And this, every time you need to verify the impedance!

Get it done in 3 clicks

  • pause the session
  • run the impedance check simultaneously on all the sites without disconnecting any cable
  • unpause the session

Also see real-time results in a glance with the color coding

Also see real-time results in a glance with the color coding:

BioGraph Infiniti – Impedance Check Screen

Recommended for assessment
Acceptable for Biofeedback training but not recommended for assessment
Not recommended
Size 37mm x 37mm x 12mm (1.45” x 1.45” x 0.45”)
Weight 15g (0.5 oz)
Input Impedance 1012ohms in parallel with 10pF
Input Range 0 – 2000µVRMS
Sensitivity <0.1µVRMS
CMRR >130dB
Channel Bandwidth 10Hz – 1kHz
Signal Input Range 0 – 2000 µV
Input / Output Gain 500
Supply Voltage 7.26V (± 0.02V)
Current Consumption 0.7mA (± 0.25mA)
Accuracy 0.3µVRMS Plus 4% of reading @25°C to 30°C,

(For use with the ProComp/Procomp5 Infiniti channels A – B or all FlexComp-Infiniti channels. Requires BioGraph Infiniti 5.0 or later)