Dron 8

Vertical θ- θ Type
X-ray optics Bragg-Brentano/Debye-Scherrer/parallel-beam
180-250 Raduis R, mm
Angular range, deg
from -10 to 165 (up to 169 at R=200 mm)
from -5 to 165 θD
from -5 to 95 θF
stepped/continuous Scanning modes
θ-θ, θ, Ω, 2θ-Ω, Ѱ, sin2Ѱ Scanning technique
0.0005 Min. scanning step, deg
from 0.1 to 50 Scanning rate, deg./min
±0.001 Reproducibility, deg
600 Travelling speed, deg/min
Recording system (base)
Scintillation Detector type
NaI (Tl)
up to 500,000 Counting rate, imp/sec
High-voltage power source
3 Power supply, kW
0-60 Voltage, KV
0-80 Current, mA
                               0.01% Anode current and voltage stability
air cooling Cooling
X-Ray Tube (base)
2,5BSV-27Cu Type
10 х 1.6 Focus, mm
water cooling (3 l/min) Cooling
5 Installation area, m2
5.5 Power consumption, kVA
550 Weight, kg
Single-phase 220/50 Power, V/Hz