DeltaFlex system

Minimum Lifetime 25ps with laser diode source*
Shortest measurement time 1 millisecond*
Repetition rates 10kHz – 100MHz with DeltaDiode, 0.1Hz – 10kHz with SpectraLED
Diode controller DeltaDiode and SpectraLED
Prompt FWHM <200ps FWHM with PPD/TBX and laser diode
Deadtime 10ns
Time ranges 10ns – 11s
Wavelength selection
  • Emission monochromator as standard 200-800nm.
  • 300-1200nm and 400-1600nm versions optional
  • Excitation and 2nd emission monchromators also available
Detector response
  • 250 – 650nm standard, 250 – 850nm and 300 – 900nm optional.
  • NIR detectors to 1700nm available
PC interface USB 2.0.  PC not included.  Requires Windows XP or Windows 7, 32/64-bit English language ver
System Footprint 75cm x 55cm nominal excluding PC

**With DeltaDiode and PPD attached, no cables

DeltaFlex-NIR upgraded systems

DeltaFlex DeltaFlex-NIR-H DeltaFlex-NIR-R
Measurable lifetime* 25ps to 1s 100ps to 1s 300ps to 1s
Interface USB USB USB
Wavelength coverage of detector 250-650nm
(250-850nm or 300-900nm optional)
950-1400nm or
300-1400nm or 300-1700nm

* Dependent on sample and system configuration

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.